Graphic Designer

What I Did

While working towards my B.S. in Engineering, I discovered a passion for graphic design, and since 2018, I have been creating artwork for various entities. During my time at Messiah, I designed posters for talks sponsored by the Engineering department. A few years later, I contributed to a rebranding project at Systematics, Inc. While pursuing my Ph.D., I designed a new logo for the HORC lab and created multiple animations to accompany my research papers. And now, I regularly aid in logo and graphic design at my church. Check out my portfolio on Dribbble.

What I Learned

What started as a hobby, became a job that helped me learn and enhance multiple hard and soft skills. Practically, I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects to complete my projects. Additionally, I gained experience working through the creative process and breaking through brainstorming blocks. This was also a chance to practice working with clients which, while it has its challenges, is also gratifying. To me, there is something extremely rewarding about listening to a client’s vision for a design and collaborating with them to create something that conveys their message effectively to their chosen audience.